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Unlocking liquidity for the venture capital industry

Marketplace and trading platform for tokenized venture capital assets

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Venture capital is one of the world's major drivers of innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth


Annual VC investment


Companies funded every year


Сapitalization of public VC-backed companies*


Of total R&D spending by US public companies is made by VC-backed businesses

Venture capital enabled hundreds of technological breakthroughs and helped many great companies shape the world we know, driving the digital and information revolution of the 20/21 century

However, for many years VC has remained
a relatively small industry, closed for majority of regular investors

High complexity

VC investing requires significant market expertise, strong networks and years of experience to find, assess and manage quality investments. Deal structures are often so complicated that in some cases legal docs can exceed 200 pages

Capital is locked up

It takes an average of 10-12 years for a VC fund to return capital to their investors. Individual investments rarely allow to exit before 5-7 years.

High entry tickets

In order to invest individually one should expect to commit $100k+ per single investment and bare a high diversification risk. Investing into a VC fund requires at least $1mn in capital and for most “outsiders” it is nearly impossible to get in.

The key to solving the VC problem is to bring liquidity
and thus unlock the market for existing and new investors

Professional Early Stage VC investors

venture capital firms and startup accelerators

– Quicker time-to-liquidity and higher DPI
– Easier to raise new funds
– More cash for operations

VNX Marketplace

Non-professional “Would-be” VC investors

professional and retail investors

– Access to a new investment class
– Get to invest in the best-of-best

Introducing VNX Marketplace

VNX Exchange

About VNX Venture Exchange

Why Luxembourg?

~$3,5tn in assets under management

With ~$3,5tn in assets under management, Luxembourg is a leading European financial hub and the 2’d largest fund center globally, trusted by fund managers from over 70 countries

Friendly regulatory environment and tax regime

Luxembourg offers an investor friendly regulatory environment and tax regime, which is driven by a forward-looking government that is focused on supporting innovation

Center of gravity in the decentralized economy

Luxembourg is one of the European centers of gravity in the rapidly emerging decentralized economy with licensed crypto exchanges Bitstamp and Bitflyer and support to the blockchain community by LHOFT, a government backed FinTech accelerator

Major center for alternative investment classes

Luxembourg is also a major center for alternative investment classes with more than 20% of assets managed by alternative fund managers


Vladimir Khanumyan


Former COO of CTC Media – the largest Russian private media company which he built from a start-up to listing on the NASDAQ

Dominique Valschaerts

Member of the Board

Former CEO of Brussels Stock Exchange, former member of executive committee of Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Alexander Tkachenko

Founder and CEO

Founder of 2be.lu VC fund. Serial entrepreneur. Business angel. MBA London Business School and Columbia University

Anton Abashkin


Co-founded PwC's Center for Technology and Innovation, 12+ years in consulting and M&A deal advisory, 8+ years in VC and technology entrepreneurship

Zing Yang

Senior Vice President, Head of Asia

Director at Litecoin Foundation. Previously held executive positions at East Ventures, BlockAsset Ventures and Temasek

Frances Lintag

Finance Director

8+ years in corporate finance, notably at Swedish media group Bonnier implementing the Nordic shared service and corporate treasury in Luxembourg.

Legal Advisor

Member of