Director of Litecoin Foundation Zing Yang joins VNX as Senior Vice President, Head of Asia

November 12, 2018

VNX Exchange, a tokenised venture capital assets marketplace, is expanding in Asia with a priority focus on Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea – Zing will be leading the way in the region.

VNX Exchange, a marketplace for tokenized venture capital assets, is expanding in Asia with a priority focus on Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. With this in mind, VNX has appointed Zing Yang to lead the project’s activity in the region. As VNX Exchange’s Senior Vice President, Head of Asia, Yang will be responsible for establishing local footprint, ecosystem development and investor relations in the region.


Alexander Tkachenko, VNX Exchange CEO and founder, has welcomed Yang to the team. “Being from Luxembourg, one of the leading global financial hubs with an excellent environment for Fintech projects, has already attracted substantial interest from European investors, ecosystem partners, and venture funds. We are seeing high demand from Asian investors and interest from the region’s venture community as VNX customers,” Tkachenko said. “Zing’s appointment will boost VNX Exchange’s recognition in Asia as she helps to build a strong ecosystem for our platform.”


Yang has a wide expertise in investment management including private equity, public equities, venture capital, and token investments. Besides investing, she is also active in use case consulting, strategy and business model design. Yang’s previous experience also includes working in leading investment companies such as Capital Group, Temasek and BlockAsset Ventures. She also serves as a director at the Litecoin Foundation.


“I am very excited to join the VNX Exchange team at what is currently a promising time for venture market development,” Yang said. “While the global interest in ICO has decreased dramatically, the current global venture market is still healthy. With VNX seeking to unlock liquidity through blockchain technology, this solution will not only see high demand in Asia, but globally.”


Contacts for journalists: Lou Weis +352 621 658 977


References: VNX Exchange – a marketplace and trading platform for tokenized venture capital assets based out of Luxembourg. Inspired by venture fund’s desire to increase liquidity, VNX’s goal is to unlock liquidity for the venture capital industry, address risk diversification in early stage investing, and enable wider investor access to promising startups. Company’s site –


Alexander Tkachenko – managing general partner of venture fund, and founder of VNX Exchange. Tkachenko is a high-profile expert in finance with 20 years of professional experience in business development and sales. He is a business angel and member of the E100 – LBS angel investor network.


Zing Yang – director at Litecoin Foundation since May 2018. Venture capital experience at East Ventures and BlockAsset Ventures. Private equity experience at Temasek, where she covered Southeast Asia. Public equities experience at Capital Group. Founded her company Greenergy Global in the biotechnology space.