Educate to Reinvent: Our First Impressions From Our Inaugural Joint Meetup with Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation

March 18, 2019




TOKEN2049, a premier blockchain and digital asset event of the year in Asia, which took place in Hong Kong last week, saw a great turnout.


VNX Exchange and the Litecoin Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to advancing and promoting blockchain technology, had a first-of-its-kind joint meetup on the sidelines of the event.


VNX Exchange CEO and founder Alexander Tkachenko was a key speaker on the all-star panel there. Other panelists included Charlie Lee, the inventor of Litecoin, a new generation cryptocurrency that took Asia by storm, as well as Michael Ou, CEO and founder of Coolbit, the world’s first Bluetooth-based hardware wallet, Rich Rosenblum, co-founder of GSR, the first algorithmic market maker in the crypto space, and Chris Lee, CFO at Huobi Group, a leading crypto exchange that recently expanded into over-the-counter cryptocurrency trading, wallet, charts and mining pools.


From left to right: Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee; VNX Exchange CEO and Founder Alexander Tkachenko; Huobi Group CFO Chris Lee; GSR Co-Founder Rich Rosenblum; CoolBitX CEO Michael Ou; VNX Exchange Senior Vice-President Zing Yang


Asia has become a key market for digital assets and several of its leaders gathered to discuss mainstream adoption issues. The speakers had many things to say but education and user experience are clearly top of mind for everybody.


Education and time will pave way to the new generation of digital assets which is bound to become a true go-to financial instrument for a broad pool of retail investors, they said. All the speakers clearly come at tackling digital assets from different angles but there has been no lack of enthusiasm.


Education is vital, I strongly emphasize that. If you talk to your friends or colleagues, some of them will keep saying it’s a scam,” Lee said referring to a common misconception in digital asset investing. “Understanding is the key to increase the capital flow in this new asset class,” said Lee, who is often labeled a crypto prodigy. He is among the most well-known figures in cryptocurrency and blockchain. One of the early crypto adopters, he quickly saw the potential of Bitcoins and launched his own coin and crypto exchange in 2011.


Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee – Keynote Speech


We at VNX Exchange were thrilled to welcome Lee and other panelists at the joint meetup.


“Our platform for trading digital assets has been created to solve a very real market problem: we wanted to unlock the much needed liquidity for venture capital firms by tokenizing their startup portfolios. We also aim to democratize investing by offering these digital assets for trading to a broad pool of investors. Our team sees blockchain as a new tool that will not only help create such a platform but will revolutionize investing into digital assets”, Tkachenko said at the meetup.


VNX Exchange CEO and Founder Alexander Tkachenko – Keynote Speech


Stay tuned for more from the meetup and make sure to read our blog to know what’s trending in venture capital, blockchain and digital assets.



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