Participation in the offering on VNX Platform

January 27, 2020

This time we will consider the most exciting part of your journey on VNX Platform – participation in the offerings. Before going into the details of the investment process let us remind you about the digital assets and the format of offerings we are using on VNX Platform.


What digital assets are offered on VNX Platform?


VNX offers digital assets called Digital Claim Receipts (DCR), backed by securitized proceeds from the off-chain underlying assets, which are managed by professionals. Technologically, it is an Ethereum-based ERC‑20 digital token issued and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. 


How is the offering organised? 


The investment  process being used for DCR offering differs from methods that are traditionally used. VNX Platform conducts the DCR offering through the Dutch auction. 


Investors may enter their bids for the number of DCRs they want to purchase as well as the price they are willing to pay. All submitted bids will participate in the auction where the DCR price that equates supply and demand will be revealed. The successful bidders will get the DCR allocations. Learn more about auction here.


What is required to participate in the offering?

In order to participate in the offering you will need:

  1. Valid VNX user account with successful KYC check (;
  2. Sufficient VNXLU balance equal to 5% of the Bid value but not less than 400VNXLU;
  3. Sufficient EUR balance for a bid. If you hold other currencies, you may request VNX to do conversion into EUR.

Step-by-step guide. Investing Process on VNX Platform

Step 1. Select the offering, read and acknowledge the offering information and transactional documents


You may find all offerings on VNX Platform in the “Offerings” tab and participate in the bidding process with ongoing status.





Before participating in the offering carefully acknowledge and confirm your acceptance with  all the transactional documents on VNX Platform.


Step 2. Submit your bid


Use the “Submit bid” button on the offering page and make a new bid. The Bid should contain the following information:

  • number of DCRs to be acquired;
  • the maximum purchase price per DCR in EUR;




By submitting the bid each investor automatically accedes to the relevant subscription agreement if the submitted bid is successful. 


Your bid will be displayed in “My bids” section where you can see details of your bid or cancel bid before the offering closing date.





Please note that VNX may reject bids that have the potential to manipulate or disrupt the bidding process. 


Step 3. Allocation of DCRs and closing procedures


The DCRs will be allocated to investors with successful bids after the closing of the bidding (on the date specified in the bidding announcement on VNX Platform).  The bidding results will be available on the VNX Platform shortly after the bidding closing date. 


If the bid is unsuccessful your EUR and VNXLU funds will be unlocked and returned to your account.



Investor communications after the offering


At VNX platform investors will have access to the information related to investment assets provided by the issuer. Depending on the reporting of the company and offered assets it could be financial reports, annual reports, reviews, etc. 


Check ongoing offerings on VNX Exchange.