Interview: Zing Yang, VNX Exchange’s Senior Vice President, Head of Asia

January 8, 2019

At the end of 2018 VNX Exchange was thrilled to appoint Zing Yang as our new Senior Vice President and Head of Asia. As the director of Litecoin Foundation she brings a wealth of experience in private equity, public equities, venture capital, and token investments. “Zing’s appointment will boost VNX Exchange’s recognition in Asia as she helps to build a strong ecosystem for our platform,” said VNX Founder and CEO Alexander Tkachenko.


Below is an interview with Zing, so read on and get to know her a little better.


(From left) Frances Lintag (Finance Director), Zing Yang, Alexander Tkachenko (Founder, CEO), Andrei Abashkin (COO)


How did you become director of Litecoin Foundation?


Litecoin Foundation is a non-profit registered in Singapore. It was looking for a local Singaporean director who was familiar with Litecoin and cryptocurrencies. My background in investments and commercial experience was a good fit, while I was also a good match culturally – the rest is history.


How will your role with Litecoin Foundation benefit VNX Exchange?


Litecoin Foundation advocates payments using Litecoin. Whilst there are no direct synergies, my awareness of the digital asset space and crypto community, and access to various ecosystem networks will be valuable for VNX Exchange’s business development and token generation event.


What’s the digital assets VC scene like in Asia at the moment?


It’s quite strong with many new funds being minted as we speak. A lot of crypto mining activity also comes from China and there are many early adopters and crypto enthusiasts who rode the boom, accumulated significant wealth, and have launched their own funds and family offices.


Do you know when VNX plans to launch in Asia?


VNX’s business is global, but our headquarters and significant business activities will continue to be in Luxembourg. We may look to have a representative office in Singapore over the next one-two years after we’ve obtained the regulatory license in Luxembourg and established strong product market traction. Our focus would then shift to working closely with venture capital firms (VCs) in Asia as inventory partners to tokenise their portfolios and to develop a strong ecosystem in the region.


What are your priorities over the next few months as VNX’s Senior Vice President and Head of Asia?


My key priorities are threefold: 1) to help with end-to-end aspects of the token generation event, 2) fund raising from various investor networks, and 3) ecosystem development – working with VCs, liquidity providers, market markers, and building VNX’s community. Over the longer term, I will also be looking to build strategic alliances with universities and education partners globally, akin to the partnership VNX has with the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT).