Rebuttal statement on the false claims by GBC about a strategic cooperation with VNX Exchange

May 21, 2019


Luxembourg – May 21, 2019 – VNX Exchange, a digital asset marketplace for venture capital investments, would like to rebut a series of false claims by GBC Korea in a number of Korean media outlets.


These statements and articles falsely claim that VNX Exchange and GBC Korea have agreed on strategic cooperation.


VNX Exchange has never agreed on strategic cooperation with GBC Korea.


All the direct quotes attributed to Alexander Tkachenko, CEO, VNX Exchange, or other VNX Exchange executives are false.


The picture accompanying the story was taken from a routine introductory meeting and VNX Exchange had no knowledge of it and did not agree to the issuance of a press release.


VNX Exchange is asking all media outlets to carefully check the information they receive with the companies that may be involved in the writing of such articles through both company websites or directly with the companies’ representatives.


We ask that all information regarding the false claims made by GBC Korea be removed from the corresponding websites or that a prompt correction be issued rebutting any false claims made about VNX Exchange by GBC Korea.



Marina Pokusavea