Kristof Van de Reck, Regional Head of Europe of Foundation, on the partnership with VNX and the future of digital assets

December 7, 2018



Regional Head Europe of the Foundation, Kristof Van de Reck, offered his thoughts on the future potential of blockchain at the Digital Financial Assets conference in Moscow. He said the current state of digital assets is still very immature and that there’s still a long way to go regarding educating regulators – he’s optimistic though, as the blockchain technology itself has evolved significantly over the last year.


“It’ clear from talking to people from the financial industry, mainly banks, that they realise blockchain is the future and it will change a lot of what they are doing,” Van de Reck said. “Obviously not everyone has a very good idea of how this will take place, but it’s certainly going to have a very big impact.”


He went on to say that platforms like NEM and VNX Exchange, who have signed a partnership to develop standards for security tokens, are “the engine behind the revolution,” responsible for taking the next steps, and ultimately making the digital assets landscape more mature.


And on the partnership, Van de Reck said this: “NEM, as a technology provider, will help VNX achieve their goals in the most effective and pragmatic way, and to help them get through compliance, and at the same time VNX will help us to get a good clear view over what’s happening in Luxembourg with regards to regulation. It’s also very interesting for us to be part of what VNX are doing in tokenising VC portfolios and how this can help the NEM ecosystem.”