The token revolution for traditional asset classes

July 9, 2018

Refreshing our memories of participation in the World Blockchain Forum in New York, we are happy to share the video with presentation of Alexander Tkachenko, CEO VNX Venture Exchange.



Venture capital is dead?


Not really. Let’s look at the numbers. The ICO market, estimated at $6.1bn in 2017, is still at a fraction of its closest neighbor Venture Capital, which has over $1tn in assets under management, according to McKinsey. And the private market is even larger, it is estimated at $5.2tn in assets under management. VC is not dead according to the numbers, but as a model it’s definitely shaken. VC is an attractive asset class, which can generate good returns (about 40-50% annually), but it is inherently illiquid, as capital is often locked up over 10-12 years. Blockchain for sure is a good enabler to address liquidity issue.


Venture Exchange VNX has created the first regulated digital asset exchange for venture capital assets. In essence, VC funds or accelerators can issue tokens linked to portfolios to be traded on our platform. Venture Exchange VNX connect the venture capital market with new investors through a proven secure, transparent and regulated platform.

“If you want to address markets like $1.3tn or $5tn, which is the value of global private capital, you need to focus on more than just the technology. You need to bring to the market regulation, governance and simplicity. So far, it’s been lacking in the ICO space.”

Alexander Tkachenko