VNX Exchange will host Digital Asset Summit in South Korea as a part of the Official Mission of Luxembourg

June 26, 2019


VNX Exchange is joining the Official Mission to the Republic of Korea in July 2019 organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in close cooperation with the Ministry of the Economy. The Mission will be led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Étienne Schneider.


Nowadays, South Korea’s economy ranks 11th nominal and 14th purchasing power parity GDP in the world, identifying it as one of the G20 major economies. South Korea continues to strive to maintain global competitiveness. It is therefore included in the group of Next Eleven countries that have a high potential of joining, along with the BRICS countries, the world’s largest economies in the middle of the 21st century.


Digital Asset Summit in South Korea


On July 17 VNX Exchange will organize a Luxembourg – South Korea Digital Asset Summit, an exclusive event dedicated to the latest developments in digital assets and opportunities for unlocking liquidity for the venture capital industry with the help of new technology.


Luxembourg is one of the world’s most prominent financial centers situated in the heart of Europe. South Korea is home to some of the best technology companies. In establishing new ties, the two counties have combined the best of both worlds – a robust technology ecosystem and a leading financial hub. Both countries take serious steps towards mainstream adoption of digital assets, ensuring world-class investor protection and boosting full-scale global deployment of digital financial instruments. Yet there are still a few challenges which need to be addressed. 

This event aims to foster in-depth discussion on how such global digital asset deployment is best achieved and how these challenges should be tackled. The event will be interesting to the investment community, Venture Capital markets experts and digital asset experts.


Prominent speakers: Experts in VC investing, crypto and digital asset professionals and influencers


The leading experts will share their experience and talk about best practices in finance and technology, as well as about building cooperation between two countries. Among confirmed speakers:


  • Michael Jackson, Director at AXA, Volvo, KNEIP,, Former partner at Mangrove Capital, Former COO of Skype. Michael was previously COO at Skype and Partner at Mangrove Capital Partners. Before joining Skype, Michael launched nine mobile operations and two ISPs across Europe with Tele2. Michael is also on the board of and is a contributor to the Blockchain Policy Initiative.


  • Suho Park, MK Economy, Journalist. Suho is also a founder of Sungsil Camp (meet-up between investors and start-ups, successful entrepreneurs).


  • Alexander Tkachenko, Founder and CEO of VNX Exchange, Founder of venture capital fund. Alexander is a serial entrepreneur, founder and GP of VC fund with successful investments in 16 companies focused on the sharing economy, AI and blockchain. Business angel, member of E100 – LBS angel investor network. MBA London Business School and Columbia University.


  • Junhaeng Lee, Сo-founder and CEO of Streami, blockchain company which he grew from a mere 2 people startup to a full-fledged company with earnings over $ 20 million and over 50 top talents of the region. Prior to founding Streami, Junhaeng was a consultant at McKinsey & Company. Junhaeng holds B.A. in History from Harvard University.


  • Michael Hwang, Managing Director of Bigbang Angels, Inc. Bigbang Angels’ fund invested in 80 companies which have got follow-on investment of 60M$, the total market value of 400M$ and 3 exit cases. Michael is also a founder of Across Asia Alliance, Board member with SOSV, Chinaccelerator, 01Booster and Invention Lab. Previously worked in Samsung Electronics, LG CNS, LG Electronics, visiting professor of KAIST.


  • Pearl Kim, Chief of Venture Capitalist, COMMAX VENTURUS, Deputy head of Department, COMMAX. Pearl has extensive background in VC, including COMMAX, COMMAX VENTURUS, VENTURE SQUARE.


More information about event and link to registration at website.


Learn more about Unique Ecosystem of Luxembourg


Today Luxembourg is ranked as the second largest financial center in the European Union after UK. It is home to around 4,000 regulated investments funds with more than 4 trillion euros under management, more than 140 international banks, and nearly 300 insurance and re-insurance companies.


Besides this Luxembourg has a great combination of the advantages for entrepreneurship and fintech, such as innovative financial infrastructure, forward-thinking regulators and a vibrant startup ecosystem. Over the past 20 years Luxembourg has been actively attracting talent, fostering innovation and providing stability and openness to change to thousands of experienced professionals from across the globe.


Learn more about Luxembourg’s unique ecosystem from the short interviews:


  • Nasir Zubari, CEO of the LHoFT (Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies)
  • Dominique Valschaerts, former CEO of Brussel Stock Exchange and Member of the executive Committee of Luxembourg Stock Exchange
  • Vladimir Khanumyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors VNX Exchange – coming soon
  • Fabrice Croiseaux, Chairman of the board of Infrachain (Leading Luxembourg’s Blockchain Association) – coming soon
  • Rajaa Mekouar-Schneider, President of LPEA (Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association) – coming soon