VNX: One Step Ahead of Leaders

June 22, 2018

While blockchain leaders and crypto exchanges are just thinking about tokenizing assets, VNX made one step ahead and entered capital markets as a serious player with new digital financial instruments.


Right now VNX Venture Exchange is shaping a new digital assets market. Why existing players couldn’t make this yet? From one side classic exchanges are too slow in moving forward to new technology breakthroughs, from the other side major crypto players often underestimate the importance of expertise in financial instruments and capital markets. VNX is in a unique position both keeping pace with rapid technology disruptions and backed with strong capital market experience. Our cross-continent tour last week has helped us further validate our business case and to confirm that we are very well positioned to become the leaders in this space.

June was a fruitful month for the Venture Exchange team. Our CEO, Alexander Tkachenko, and COO, Anton Abashkin, took tour to New York to participate in two key events the Security Token Summit and the World Blockchain Forum. Alexander was a guest speaker at The World Blockchain Forum on the topic of The Security Token Revolution. At the same time our Chairman, Vladimir Khanumyan and Member of BoD, Dominique Valschaerts headed over to Dublin, to attend MoneyConf, recently hailed as “Where the world’s biggest banks and tech firms meet,” by the BBC.


During our cross-continent tour, we had great conversations with industry leaders like Dr Moe Levin, Dash, David Weild, CoinDesk, Ripple, BitFlyer and many more. For those who missed the opportunity to talk to us, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from investors and industry experts:


Why venture capital?

Venture capital is playing an important role in driving technology innovation and economic development globally and is a major factor for the development of entrepreneurship. Despite being an attractive investment class, offering outsized returns compared to many traditional investment categories, the VC industry suffers from a major problem limiting its progress – long capital lock-in – most investment take 10+ years before an investor sees profit.

The rapid rise in the blockchain and crypto space is opening up a new opportunity for the development of Venture industry – using the power of decentralized networks, and automated governance mechanisms embedded into smart contracts, this creates an unprecedented opportunity for disrupting and improving the inefficiencies of capital markets.

And the prize is very big. Looking at the rapid growth of the crypto market and ICOs as a new to fund new, one can clearly see the potential of this technology. Yet, it is still in its infancу, being a small fraction of its closest neighbor – Venture Capital, which alone has over $1tn in assets under management, according to McKinsey. And that is nowhere in comparison to current public capital markets that are valued at over $70 bn. So when you think of the real potential of asset tokenization, it becomes quite clear that the actual work is only starting now.


How Venture Exchange will address these issues?

VNX is building a regulatory compliant marketplace to bring together the best VCs and investors from all over the world. This will give opportunity for the Issuers(VC funds, accelerators, angel groups) to convert their investment portfolios into tokenized digital assets “living on the blockchain” and list them on the exchange to enable trading and instant liquidity.


How will Venture Exchange attract institutional capital to this industry?

Institutional and ‘main street’ investors will get opportunity to invest in high quality digital assets backed by expertise, experience and governance mechanisms of professional VCs. Venture Exchange gives unique opportunity to invest as little as 1 USD into the best VC portfolios and these investments will have instant liquidity.


What differentiates Venture Exchange?

VNX Venture Exchange provides real-time valuation and trading, high security and transparency to protect investors, regulatory compliance, trusted jurisdiction and has exceptional team with proven track record.


What’s next?

We are aiming to become the first fully compliant marketplace in EU for trading private funds. Currently we are in a process of filing for license in Luxembourg. Legal team is led by Luc Frieden – Former Luxembourg Minister of Finance and Minister of Justice.


Our global tour to be continued. Follow us.


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