VNX Exchange token (VNXLU) is listed on GOPAX

December 5, 2019

VNX Exchange is glad to announce that VNX utility token was listed on GOPAX, one of the major South Korean crypto exchanges, under the ticker VNXLU. This token is exclusively created to pay for services available on VNX Exchange platform.



VNX helps to turn VC investments into new class of digital assets and match VC funds, startup accelerators and incubators with broad range of investors.



By tokenizing VC-assets VNX platform: 


  • opens VC as an asset class to a broader global investor base represented by both institutions and individuals that previously did not have the opportunity to invest in emerging technology businesses;
  • makes the VC industry more inclusive by making capital more accessible for smaller and first-time VC firms and accelerators, as well as for the start-ups and entrepreneurs who operate outside the capital-rich geographies like Silicon Valley;
  • improves the availability of capital for entrepreneurs.


VNX Exchange launched its platform and announced the first offering recently during Global Venture Summit.





GOPAX Korea is currently Top-4 in South Korea in terms of monthly trading volume with 300K+ users. Furthermore, it is the only exchange in South Korea that offers its customers a product to short/hedge major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.



Cumulative trading volume in 2018 totaled $9.6B and customer deposits (fiat + crypto) totaled $130M. The highest global rating GOPAX Korea has achieved is 16th with maximum daily trading volume of $300M, as per



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