• Product
    • What is a Digital Claim Receipt? menu arrow

      In general, it is a digital asset (Ethereum-based ERC‑20 digital token issued and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain) backed by proceeds arising out of certain underlying assets or assets like shares, bonds, etc. Nevertheless, each DCR is unique and may be structured differently and we encourage to check the offering materials for each particular offering.

    • Is DCR a security token? menu arrow

      There is no legal commonly accepted definition of security token in the European Union. VNX offers services on the issuance of digital asset-backed tokens that depending on the legal structure, offering jurisdiction and many other factors could be treated as securities or other financial instruments under applicable laws. You should carefully check the offering materials for each specific issuance.

    • Why investment into DCRs is different? menu arrow

      DCRs present an opportunity to invest in asset classes that are usually not available for ordinary investors due to high entry ticket, legal barriers, geographical location etc. Depending on the underlying assets of the DCR it could also provide for a more attractive risk and return profile, which could be inaccessible for the investor.

    • Can I convert crypto-to-crypto or crypto-to-fiat on VNX Exchange? menu arrow

      VNX (as an agent) can procure conversion services via our partners to investors for the purchase of digital assets on the platform solely for purposes of conducting operations on the platfrom (e.g. to purchase DCRs). We do not serve as a conversion venue and do not allow customers to trade cryptocurrencies.

  • The Technical Solution
    • Is VNX Exchange decentralized? menu arrow

      VNX Exchange is aiming to become a centralized marketplace but it has several decentralized blockchain modules that are aimed to make the issuance process efficient.

    • What processes at VNX Exchange are performed on blockchain? menu arrow

      There are several processes that are performed on blockchain: digital asset issuance, bidding process and crypto wallets to operate on the platform.

    • What types of smart contracts does VNX use? menu arrow

      VNX has developed several solutions in order to maximize effectiveness:

      • Transparency of the offering by Bidding Smart Contract

      • The bids are anonymized and recorded on public Blockchain – currently Ethereum

      • The investor may verify his own bids

      • Minimum intermediaries in the functionality of DCR Smart Contract

      • ERC-20 utility token with built-in measures to ensure that only compliant clients can trade DCRs

      • No need in intermediaries

      • Utility token VNXLU

      •Standard ERC-20 utility token that is used to pay for VNX platform services

    • What blockchain does VNX use? menu arrow

      Currently, VNX uses Ethereum blockchain.

  • Legal
  • Becoming Investor
    • Who can be an investor on VNX Exchange? menu arrow

      Any person or legal entity can become an investor at VNX Exchange if successfully passed KYC and AML procedures. The general restrictions are based on the EU legislation, but can also include additional restrictions established by the Issuer.

    • How to register at VNX platform? menu arrow

      In order to register on VNX Exchange you should proceed to and follow the link Create an account to signup for services. To complete the registration you will be requested to verify and confirm email.

    • What is identity verification (KYC)? menu arrow

      KYC is Know Your Client – the process of investors’ identity verification and assessing their suitability, along with the potential risks that is performed in accordance with applicable requirements of EU laws and VNX internal policies. This process is performed via our automated onboarding solution. Please note that our compliance team may contact you with a request for additional documents.

    • How do I verify my identity? menu arrow

      Please follow the instructions of the KYC system. To confirm your identity, you should:

      • upload a photo of a document confirming your ID;
      • pass the liveness check;
      • confirm your residence address by uploading photo / copy of a utility bill or internet/cable TV/ telephone line bill or a bank statement or a tax return or council tax bill or government issued Certificate of residency or other document that confirms your current residence address.

      Learn more in a guide here.

  • Investment
  • VNXLU Token
    • What is VNXLU token? menu arrow

      VNX Utility Tokens (VNX tokens) are issued by VNX to enable the operation of VNX platform and provide token holders with the right to access the services on the platform and pay VNX service fees. Token smart contract address is: 0x00fC270C9cc13e878Ab5363D00354bebF6f05C15

      VNXLU token cannot be used as a mean of payment for digital assets available on VNX platform.

    • Are there any payouts for VNXLU tokens? menu arrow

      There are no payouts for VNXLY tokens.

    • Where can I buy and sell VNXLU token? menu arrow

      It is possible to buy VNXLU tokens on several external exchanges (the exact list is available at and on VNX platform in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the VNX platform.

  • General questions
    • What is VNX Exchange? menu arrow

      VNX Exchange is a bridge between traditional financial markets and digital blockchain-based technologies.

      VNX Exchange, a Luxembourg-based fintech company, is an asset-backed token issuance platform. VNX Exchange is on a mission to transform the venture capital market through the tokenizing of assets and aiming to make them available for trade on a secondary market.

    • What issues does VNX Exchange solve? menu arrow
      • VNX Exchange significantly reduces capital lock-in and mobilizes capital by improving its velocity.
      • It makes VC industry more inclusive, improving capital accessibility for smaller and first-time VC investors, as well as those operating outside of capital-rich geographies like Silicon Valley.
      • It opens VC as an asset class to a much broader global investor base represented by both institutions and individuals that previously did not have the opportunity to invest in emerging technology businesses.
      • It improves transparency and competitiveness, making venture capital industry more efficient. This, in turn, improves availability of capital for entrepreneurs.
    • What are the key features of VNX Exchange? menu arrow
      • Listing simplicity and cost-efficiency
      • Fast transactions 
      • Strong investor protection
      • Transparency
      • Top-level customer service
      • Support by VC ecosystem
    • What are the main pillars of VNX Exchange ecosystem? menu arrow
      • VC funds, startups accelerators and incubators
      • Investors
      • Financial services providers, such as brokers, dealers, advisors and financial managers
      • Professional services providers, such as law and accounting firms, management consultants, valuation providers, insurance companies, IT services providers, custodial services providers etc.
      • Media including traditional and digital media outlets, news agencies etc.
      • Professional associations 
      • Research institutes