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VNX, the Venture Capitalists’ Exchange 2.0

12 July 2018

Using the blockchain, Venture Exchange VNX has created an exchange platform to link investors and venture capitalists in search of liquidity. Very well received in the market, this solution must wait for the approval of the CSSF (Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier), where in the world of finance, these are traditional methods for obtaining cash.

The token revolution for traditional asset classes

Refreshing our memories of participation in the World Blockchain Forum in New York, we are happy to share the video with presentation of Alexander Tkachenko, CEO VNX Venture Exchange.

The changing face of the venture capitalist

4 July 2018

Fintech has changed the financial trading and investing landscape. Traditional investors and early stage adopters can take advantage of new technologies that allow global investment opportunities in a tokenized industry. Yet blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), as well as cryptocurrencies, aren’t without their critics.

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